Nicole Granados

We as humans are meant to love. We place pieces of our heart into things, people, and places. Love in itself is one of the most intense feelings that someone can have. The lack or abundance of it has a direct line to our stories. Our stories are written by the people that have loved us and we have carried that love throughout our lives. That love then forms into passion. Pure, intense, and undying passion that leaves a mark on our forever changing books. My passion is stories. My passion is love. My passion is you and what your life means in the grand scheme of our ever evolving world. 

I am a writer and photographer who grew up in Washington D.C and later moved to Chicago, IL. First and foremost though, I am an explorer. I write and photograph the places I visit whether it be in my own backyard or New York or maybe even Ireland. I then tell those stories to whoever will listen. 

Capturing love in the world is my job description. Whether it be through my photos or my writing or just pure genuine around-the-campfire word of mouth, I want to share those stories. I have a story to tell. You have a story to tell. Let's tell our story together. 

Join me on my journey as I have the chance to tell your story. 

Stay Lovely,